Lemon Magazine

U.S. based Lemon magazine commissioned seven photographers from around the world to shoot stories about Michael Jackson impersonators in their respective countries. Nick Meek asked Ferret to find locations and produce an editorial about a Crown Green Bowling King of Pop from Newcastle.
Now available in all good newsagents. www.worldoflemon.com

Photography : Nick Meek
Production : Ferret.


Scouting for Beach Huts

Earlier this month I was scouting beaches, sand dunes and beach huts looking for locations for a fashion shoot for a knitwear brand based in the North of England. It's not very often I get asked to produce fashion shoots mostly working on advertising campaigns and the occasional editorial, but despite thunderstorms and stinging, horizontal rain it was great fun.


EDF Energy

We produced three ads for Nick Meek, AMV BBDO and EDF earlier this year and because the London 2012 opening ceremony is finally here I thought it would be a good time to post them on the blog.
The stadium hadn't been finish at the time of shooting so those clever people at Solid London had to finish it in CGI. 

Photography : Nick Meek
Agency : AMV BBDO
Production : Ferret.


Ferret on Instagram

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Last year Ferret found the locations for photographer Richard Moran and renewable energy company Puragen. Shooting in the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors we had to battle against some typically northern weather, but Richard and ad agency Cogent Elliot produced the campaign images they were after.

Photography : Richard Moran
Agency : Cogent Elliot
Locations : Ferret.


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Scouting in Yorkshire

Ferret has been back to it's roots in the Yorkshire countryside, scouting locations for a campaign for photographer Richard Moran and renewable energy company Puragen.
Lot's of great new northern locations for the library and new posts to come.


Clio - Film

Here's one more ad and the film we produced for Nick Meek and Langland as part of the very funny campaign to announce the call for entries for this years Clio Healthcare Awards.
See all the ads together here.

Photography : Nick Meek
Agency : Langland
Casting : Sue Odell
Production, Locations and Styling : Ferret.